Melbourne Dynamic Balancing

Paul England’s operates three Schenck horizontal balancers ranging in size from a H20, H30 to our H50 we can balance components from 1 Kg to 8 tonne. Our balancers are maintained to a high standard which allows our operators to achieve ISO 1940 G 1.0 grade results if required. Printed before and after rotor information is supplied when required.

Calibration and verification reports for each machine can be supplied on request.

Our staff has experience with the balancing of single stage and multi stage axial and centrifugal flow compressor elements used in the energy, petrochemical industries.

We can also balance paper rolls, fan and pump elements, generator and electric motor armatures.

Industrial Fan Balancing

We are often called upon to resolve fan resonance and vibration issues. Resonance is the tendency of a fan to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies. Dynamic balancing of industrial fans can correct this issue and thereby improve efficiency and reduce costs. We provide both in-house and onsite industrial fan balancing services.

Onsite Balance

Paul England’s can also provide onsite balancing of a wide range of rotating equipment with the use portable Schenck balancing Equipment.












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